Bamse and the Thunderbell

Animated feature movie Bamse and his friends are hitting the movie salons for the third time. This time the audience will again meet many of the populär characters from the previous two box office successes. The film takes place far out at sea as well as on land, where our friends will meet new challenges. […]

Bamse and the witch’s daughter

The second animated feature film with Bamse, the most popular animated character in Sweden. Croesus Vole finds gold in the beavers’ dam. To demolish the dam and get the gold he tricks the witch’s daughter Lova to conjure away Bamse. With Bamse gone, it’s up to the children to help each other to stop Croesus […]

Bamse and the city of thieves

In Sweden Bamse, the strongest yet kindest bear in the world, needs no introduction. For generations he remains the most famous and popular cartoon character and an icon for small swedish kids. This is however the first featurefilm with the popular bear Bamse and his friands: Lille Skutt, the white rabbit and Skalman, an excentric […]