A new colourful animated film featuring the beloved Mamma Moo and her best friend Crow.

When Mamma Moo is inspired by the children and wants to make her own moo-sical, she accidentally messes things up. Little Brother's teddy bear disappears under mysterious circumstances – and it's Mamma Moo's fault. Her friend Crow says, "Why can't you just be an ordinary cow? That way nothing happens!" But that's exactly what Mamma Moo wants to avoid. She loves when things happen! Just not sad things like this.

Opening date 8/25/2023

Director: Christian Ryltenius
Script: Peter Arrhenius
Producer: Filippa Torstensson

Music recorded by  Göteborgs Symfoniker
Conductor – Christoffer Nobin
Producer/recording – Lars Nilsson Nilento
Orchestral arrangements – Henrik Lörstad, Christoffer Nobin
Vocal arrangements – Gunnar Wrede

Mamma moo: Rachel Mohlin
Crow: Johan Ulveson