Wicked Krösus Sork is back. And when Nalle-Maja drinks Skalmans XYZ juice, she becomes tiny and experiences the world from a different perspective than she's used to. Everything takes a new turn. Will the others be able to find - or even see - her when she's so small? Can a person make a difference when as tiny as an ant? Opening Dec 22th!

Director: Christian Ryltenius
Written by: Calle Marthin, Mikael Syrén

Music recorded by Kungliga Filharmonikerna
Conductor: Christoffer Nobin
Recording/mix: Lars Nilsson Nilento
Orchestration: Henrik Lörstad, Karl-Johan Ankarblom, Daniel Rosenqvist
Songs by: Georg Riedel

Bamse: Rolf Lassgård
Lille skutt: Johan Glans
Skalman: Johan Ulveson