Animated movie
"When a worldly-wise stork turns up on the farm, Mamma Mu has to ask herself: what actually is a home? How can she know that the enclosure and farm where she currently lives is her home? What if there’s somewhere better somewhere else in the big, wide world? Crow does everything he can to show his friend that the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the road – but sometimes you have to get lost before you can find your way home."

Director: Christian Ryltenius
Script: Peter Arrhenius
Producer: Filippa Torstensson

Music recorded by Jönköpings sinfonietta
Conductor – Tormod Tvete Vik
Recording/mix – Lars Nilsson Nilento
Orchestral arrangements – Henrik Lörstad, Tormod Tvete Vik
Song arrangements – Gunnar Wrede

Mamma mu: Rakel Mohlin
Crow: Johan Ulveson
Stork: Tiffany Kronlöf

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