Among us

ÄnglavaktErnst and Cecilia are happily married and live a comfortable life with their nine-year-old son Alexander in the suburbs of Stockholm. One day an unexpected event turns their whole world upside down; one that tests their faith as husband and wife, and as parents. Just when things are at their bleachest a chance ensounter with […]

I Anneli

Humouristic series for Swedish television starring one of the leading Swedish comediennes Sissela Benn. Her character Anneli has an invisible advisor called The Corpse. The Corpse is Anneli´s inner moron that reminds her daily of her inner wishes and cravings and opinions on this and that. Anneli herself is a timid and shy person, but […]

The Greveholm Castle Mystery II

The Greveholm Castle Mystery IIThe christmas calendar is Swedish institution that gathers the absloute majority of children in front of the television each day. Daily episodes until christmas. The calendar from 2012 is a sequel to one of the more popular christmas calendars from 1996: Mysteriet på Greveholm.Production – Way CreativeDirector: Dan Zethraeus Script writers: […]

The man beneath the staircase

Mannen under trappan Fredrik has a beautiful house, a wonderful wife and two lovely children. But what is really going on in that beautiful house? What is happening with Fredrik? And why is his family starting to turn against him? Mannen under trappan är is a suggestive and  thrilling story balancing on the border between […]

Hardys Blues

Hardys Blues is an artistic film venture that consist of five separate short films which all take place in the same mansion, but with totally different stories and context. The only link between the movies ins that the mansion and the actors are the same. Production – Darling DesperadosScript/directors – Katta Pålsson/Patrik Wiberg Cast:The man – Göran […]

Elsa and the bedtime stories

Elsa och godnattsagornaElsa and her stuffed animals can’t sleep. A bedtime story is needed. Fortunately, Harry the Hamster would like to tell a story about the time when he was a detective and solved the case of the food thief.Production – Slugger Film AB Director -Christian Ryltenius Script – Martin Olczak

Wallander – The Pyramide

Wallander – Pyramiden Mossby Beach on the morning 11 December 1989. A Piper Cherokee airplane crashes down and starts to burn. All the passengers and the pilots are dead in a minute. Kurt Wallander at the police in Ystad, is introduced to this case. After a time he realises that there is no plane missing…. […]

The Confession

 BekännelsenA man is found murdered in a caravan of eastern european origin. The lives of innocent people fall apart in an idyllic small village somewhere on the Swedish countryside during a long hot summer. Production – Swedish TelevisionDirector – Daniel Lind Lagerlöf Script – Ulf Ryberg Director of photography – Olof Johnson Screen editing – Anders […]

Hunting down a killer

Jakten på en mördareA series of brutal murders take place i the middle of Christmas holiday haunting the police force. As the police start working on it they realize that they have a terrible secret at their hands.Production – SVT Drama (Swedish Television)Director – Alexander Moberg
Script writers – Tomas Tivemark, and Michael Hjorth
Director of photography […]