Wallander – The Pyramide

Wallander – Pyramiden

Mossby Beach on the morning 11 December 1989.

A Piper Cherokee airplane crashes down and starts to burn. All the passengers and the pilots are dead in a minute. Kurt Wallander at the police in Ystad, is introduced to this case. After a time he realises that there is no plane missing….

At the same time, a house were two sisters live is burning. When the police arrive they find the house burning and the sisters dead. But when Nyberg searches the place he finds that the two burned sisters have bullets in their heads. Who has murdered two old sisters?

The book The Pyramid takes a step back, it tells about the life of Kurt Wallander before 1990. It tells about the time between 1969-1989, from the time when Wallander was a police at Malmö to that he meets his father at a Egyptian police station in Cairo.

With this book the Kurt Wallander Mystery Series ends.

Production – Tre Vänner

Writer – Henning Mankell
Director – Daniel Lind Lagerlöf
Script – Micke Hjorth
Producer – Daniel Alfredson
Cinematography- Mats Axby
Film editing- Anders Nylander


Rolf Lassgård – Kurt Wallander
Gustaf Skarsgård – young Kurt Wallander
Marie Richardson – Maja Thysell
Kerstin Andersson – Lisa

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