Animated feature movie
Bamse and his friends are hitting the movie salons for the third time. This time the audience will again meet many of the populär characters from the previous two box office successes. The film takes place far out at sea as well as on land, where our friends will meet new challenges. The moral of the story in Bamse and the Thunderbell is that just being yourself takes you far longer than you might think. Opening night Dec 21th 2018.

Director: Christian Ryltenius
Producer: Jon Nohrstedt

Music recorded by Göteborgs Symfoniker
Conductor – Christoffer Nobin
Recording and mix – Lars Nilsson Nilento
Orchestral arrangements and instrumentation – Henrik Lörstad, Tormod Tvete Vik

Speaker: Tomas Bolme
Bamse: Peter Haber
Little Hop: Morgan Alling

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