A new animated film with the world’s strongest bear Bamse opened in cinemas on December 22nd. In the new movie Bamse and the Volcano Island (Bamse och Vulkanön), the self-glorifying little thief Kattja makes an entrance into Bamse’s world.

Just as everything seems to be calm and quiet at the home of Bamse and his friends, an emergency call comes from Skalman’s old research colleague, the biologist Beanka, who mysteriously seems to have disappeared on a research trip.

Director: Christian Ryltenius

Music recorded by The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor – Christoffer Nobin
Recording/mix – Lars Nilsson Nilento
Orchestral arrangemments – Henrik Lörstad, Tormod Tvete Vik, Göran Bejstam
Kattja title theme – Gunnar Wrede

Music available on Soundcloud

Bamse: Rolf Lassgård
Little Hop: Johan Glans
Shellman: Johan Ulveson
Beanka: Sissela Kyle