In Sweden Bamse, the strongest yet kindest bear in the world, needs no introduction. For generations he remains the most famous and popular cartoon character and an icon for small swedish kids. This is however the first featurefilm with the popular bear Bamse and his friands: Lille Skutt, the white rabbit and Skalman, an excentric turtle with a shell full of inventions and surprises. In this full-length movie Bamse and his friends set out on an adventurous mission, through the magic forrest and into the city of thieves to rescue Grandma from the evil  Reinard fox and his ugly bunch of thugs. The film opened on January 17th 2014.

Production – Tre Vänner

Director – Christian Ryltenius
Script – Johan Kindblom and Tomas Tivemark
Producer – Jon Nohrstedt

Music recorded by Norrköping Symphony orchestra
Conductor – Jonas Nydesjö
Recording/mix – Lars Nilsson Nilento

Accordeon – Carita Jonsson
Bass – Jerk Norman
Drums – Pål Norman

Orchestral arrangements – Henrik Lörstad, Olov Helge, Karl-Johan Ankarblom, Tormod Tvete Vik, Daniel Rosenqvist
Vocal arrangements – Gunnar Wrede

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