“If—” is a poem by English poet Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936). This poem shows advice someone’s gives to his son, telling him if he follows it, he’ll be a man. Reading by Alan Adler Additional voice by Erika Dittmer Graphics by Walter Ruttmann (1924)  

We have a dream

“We Have a Dream” – photo exhibition at Fotografiska Muséet in Stockholm. A soundscape where the depicted people on the walls are represented in the music accompanies the exhibition and enhances the message hoping for a better future.  December 9th 2016 — February 19th, 2017


Epicentrum Musik o konst är ett uttryck för känslor. Känslor bygger på ett antal grundaffekter, grundläggande känsloreaktioner, vilka är universella för människor i alla kulturer. Epicentrum är musikaliska tablåer byggda på dikter av Bruno K. Öijer, där var och en gestaltar motsvarande grundaffekt – ilska, sorg, förvåning, glädje, rädsla, skam och avsky.  Hela stycket är 24 minuter, […]

Performing Pictures

Performing Pictures is an artist duo and consists of Geska Helena Brečević and Robert Brečević who have operated as an institutionally independent platform for artistic research and practice, primarily geared towards the manifestation of moving images (film, video, animation). Verfünfungseffekt I-III (2020) A video-multigraph, or a ‘selfie-turned-self-referential-groupie’ in quintuplicate format.The short films Intermezzo I och II , […]

Happy Campers

PERFORMING PICTURESHappy Campers is an interactive experience that is part of the newly opened of Museum of wine and spirits situated in Stockholm. It is a hilarious “film-disguised-as-a-computer-game” that takes place inside a caravan on Midsummer Eve – somewhere in Sweden. With a lever and a steering wheel, the museum visitor is able to scroll […]