Zarah hommage

An animated tribute to the Swedish singer Zarah Leander (1907-1981) Animation: Ingemar Almeros Sound design: Henrik Lörstad/HL Sound & Music

Happy Campers

PERFORMING PICTURES Happy Campers is an interactive experience that is part of the newly opened of Museum of wine and spirits situated in Stockholm. It is a hilarious “film-disguised-as-a-computer-game” that takes place inside a caravan on Midsummer Eve – somewhere in Sweden. With a lever and a steering wheel, the museum visitor is able to […]

Kjartan hommage

An animated tribute to the Norwegian/Swedish artist Kjartan Slettemark (1932-2008) Animation: Ingemar Almeros Music & sound design: Henrik Lörstad/HL Sound & Music

Climate Justice

Climate Justice is part of a larger art project with a political emphasis. It is one of four films with artistic content with the ambition to leave the audience with something to think about. Problematic topics in society today are highlighted and displayed in an artistic context the purpose to lead to debate. Climate Justice highlights […]


PERFORMING PICTURES The Siesta Peep Box is an audiovisual experience that brings paintings and photographs to life in a novel way by using layers of video, animation and sound. The Interactive PeepBox™ series is based on a concept developed at the Interactive Institute by Evoking Spaces, The Digital Cultural Heritage Centre of Expertise and Performing […]

Intelligent street

Excerpt from the presentation film for the project Intelligent Street, which was a joint venture between The Interactive Institute and University of Westminster in London. We built a system that gave our audience at The Interactive Institute in Sweden the chance of affecting the ambience music by sending text messages. This system was connected to […]


Fågelmannen During the years 2000-2002 I headed the sound editing studio Story Sound. Our main focus was artistic and documentary films. During the two years we ran the studio we were ultimately responsible for Ikon, a serie of documentary films that ran on Swedish television. One of the more interesting projects we had was Fågelmannen, […]