Elsa and the bedtime stories

Elsa och godnattsagorna Elsa and her stuffed animals can’t sleep. A bedtime story is needed. Fortunately, Harry the Hamster would like to tell a story about the time when he was a detective and solved the case of the food thief. Production – Slugger Film AB Director -Christian Ryltenius Script – Martin Olczak

Wallander – The Pyramide

Wallander – Pyramiden Mossby Beach on the morning 11 December 1989.  A Piper Cherokee airplane crashes down and starts to burn. All the passengers and the pilots are dead in a minute. Kurt Wallander at the police in Ystad, is introduced to this case. After a time he realises that there is no plane missing…. […]

The Confession

  Bekännelsen A man is found murdered in a caravan of eastern european origin. The lives of innocent people fall apart in an idyllic small village somewhere on the Swedish countryside during a long hot summer.   Production – Swedish Television Director – Daniel Lind Lagerlöf Script – Ulf Ryberg Director of photography – Olof […]

Hunting down a killer

Jakten på en mördare A series of brutal murders take place i the middle of Christmas holiday haunting the police force. As the police start working on it they realize that they have a terrible secret at their hands. Production – SVT Drama (Swedish Television) Director – Alexander Moberg
Script writers – Tomas Tivemark, and Michael […]

Passing Hearts

The poignant meeting between a young man and the family whose late son saved his life. Production – Drama Svecia Director – Johan Brisinger Script – Johan Brisinger Producer – Mikael Flodell Cinematography – Henrik Stenberg Editing – Håkan Wärn Cast: Kicki Bramberg Max Enderfors Angela Kovacs Jan Mybrand